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Trinity wargaming club were delighted to welcome Warlord games in to run an afternoon of their popular second world war game “bolt action”.

The afternoon started with the students making their own soldiers from a wide range of different nationalities and armies (British, British-Indian, German, American and Japanese) then they used their models to fight a second world war wargame. British cruiser tanks engaged German Panzer III’s over the open desert, but despite fierce fighting they were ultimately overcome by the Axis forces.

Mr Howell would like to thank the staff of Warlord Games for giving up their time to run this event. The pupils had a great time and learned much about the Second World War. Trinity is very grateful for their support, it was heartwarming to see pupils happy and engaged in the hobby.

We were excited to host our first Cultural Diversity Week held on Monday 18th July – Friday 22nd July.  Our ‘Agents For Change Students’ and Teachers, created a programme for our whole school community.

We came together to celebrate the colourful sounds, sights, movements, and tastes of our rich multicultural school community through a week-long selection of activities.

Through a variety of events and activities, we invited all our Students, Teachers,  Support Staff, and Parents to share their stories and cultural origins, through poetry, food, music, dance, drama, and cultural dress.  It truly was a celebration of the best of what our multicultural school community looks like.

The main event took place on Wednesday and Friday.  On Wednesday students and staff took part in the Cultural Evening. The evening was celebrated through dance, poetry, and song.

On Friday we had our Cultural Dress Day.  Students and staff wore their cultural dress and identified which part of the country or world they originated from. It was a very successful and informative day as the whole school learned about their school communities heritage.

Many thanks to the Agents For Change Ambassadors who were heavily involved in the design and implementation of our first Cultural Week.  We look forward to the up and coming events this academic year.