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On the 4th November Trinity School hosted a lecture on the events of 1942, continuing the series of annual History talks started in 2014 that has charted the course of the First and Second World Wars. This year we took events from the battle of Moscow to the drive on Stalingrad, while in the desert we took events up to the battle of El Alamein. At the interval we were treated to chip cobs, and were grateful to Adkins bakery for their donation.

All the money raised this year was donated to “Operation Reindeer”, a charity collection aiming to deliver presents to the Domestic abuse refuges for those forced to flee their homes before Christmas. Mr Howell would like to thank everyone who came and supported this event.

Members of the Trinity School Community,

The UK is facing a severe cost of living crisis, as are many countries globally. With prices of food, fuel and energy bills rising, the inflated cost of living means many people are having to make very tough choices about how to spend their money; in many cases this also means not having enough to cover even basic needs.

Whilst the inflation impacts us all, we know it significantly impacts some more than others, we also know that although we are all in the same storm, we are not necessarily in the same boat.  So as a Catholic community we have a responsibility to support and care for all of those around and “bear one another’s burdens” as God teaches us.

We have started to collect food and other essential provisions to distribute to those in need and help ease the pressure of weekly bills, and one of our parents has kindly shared the following guide to help signpost people to where they can access services.

The guide is not claiming to know the answer to everything, but we hope it will provide a helpful starting point. Most of the document provides information about national schemes and support agencies. However, the attachment at the end of the resource details local support services in your area.

As always please know that we are here to help wherever we can – we know that sometimes accessing support is incredibly difficult, but asking for help is never a sign of weakness, but a sign of bravery and strength.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us using the details provided, and we hope that you find this guide useful in accessing any support you may require during this challenging time.

On Tuesday 29th November, 32 A-Level Biologists visited the Nottingham Trent University Bioscience laboratories.

Students first practiced pipetting tiny volumes (5ul or 0.005ml) of coloured water to create interesting patterns in wells. They then performed Gel Electrophoresis using DNA found at a Crime Scene. Gel electrophoresis is a technique used to separate different fragments of DNA on the basis of their size. The DNA is loaded into a well in the gel and an electrical field is applied to it. The DNA fragments move away from the negatively charged end and move towards the positively charged end. The DNA fragments with a smaller size move the furthest away from the wells. This produced bands which can be seen under UV light that allowed the students to compare the DNA profile of the crime scene sample with 5 suspects in order to conclude who the ‘murderer’ was.

The students were also shown the university’s state-of-the-art SuperLabs and were given a fascinating talk by the university staff about their career paths up to now.

The day was an invaluable experience for our students and gave them a superb insight into what university life would be like when choosing to pursue the sciences at university.

Mrs Buxton, Mr Wilson and Dr Mulligan would like to thank Abby, Sam and Helen from the NTU Biosciences Teaching Department for putting on such a fantastic day for our Trinity Biology students.

Teachers and students have held the annual remembrance day service this year.

The service was run by Mr Howell, Mr Stevens and a few sixth form students.

One student from every class in the school attended the service, where prayers, poems and passages were read out, a wreath was laid and crosses were placed neatly in the grass by the Emmaus Centre to honour those who have fought and those who have died in war and conflict for this country.

At 11am the whole school stood for a two minutes silence before the last post was played by a bugler.

The class representatives then returned from the service with readings and prayers for each class.

On Tuesday the 1st of November we celebrated the Solemnity of All Saints’ Day with a whole school liturgy.

During the liturgy, we explored our house Saints: St Alphonsa, St Maximilian, St Teresa and st Lorenzo. The sixth form house and sports captains talked about their house Saints’ and led the school in their house prayers showing how we are inspired bout the Saints’ in our life and school.

We also had a video recorded for us by Fr Jonathan Cotton who talked about the Gospel of the day and how we can be inspired by the Gospel and the Saints’ that inspire fr Jonathan.

On Wednesday 5Th October the Year 10 and 11 Dance students took part in a Jazz Dance Workshop. The workshop was led by former Trinity student Graeme Pickering.

Graeme Pickering is a UK-based Choreographer and Casting Consultant. After a successful performing career on both land and sea, Graeme is now a sought-after creative providing services in CastingChoreography and Masterclasses. He continues to work with Celebrity Cruises as their casting associate across Europe, Australia and most recently New York City. Graeme has choreographed sell-out productions across the UK for established companies, pantomime producers and leading drama school graduate musicals and showcases. He also has published a book entitled “50 Tips: Audition Success”, which is available from Amazon.

Graeme led the students through a challenging and exhilarating Jazz dance technique class and also answered our students’ questions regarding working in the performing arts industry.

Everyone involved worked extremely hard and has come away with valuable knowledge for their BTEC dance qualification.

Trinity wargaming club were delighted to welcome Warlord games in to run an afternoon of their popular second world war game “bolt action”.

The afternoon started with the students making their own soldiers from a wide range of different nationalities and armies (British, British-Indian, German, American and Japanese) then they used their models to fight a second world war wargame. British cruiser tanks engaged German Panzer III’s over the open desert, but despite fierce fighting they were ultimately overcome by the Axis forces.

Mr Howell would like to thank the staff of Warlord Games for giving up their time to run this event. The pupils had a great time and learned much about the Second World War. Trinity is very grateful for their support, it was heartwarming to see pupils happy and engaged in the hobby.

We were excited to host our first Cultural Diversity Week held on Monday 18th July – Friday 22nd July.  Our ‘Agents For Change Students’ and Teachers, created a programme for our whole school community.

We came together to celebrate the colourful sounds, sights, movements, and tastes of our rich multicultural school community through a week-long selection of activities.

Through a variety of events and activities, we invited all our Students, Teachers,  Support Staff, and Parents to share their stories and cultural origins, through poetry, food, music, dance, drama, and cultural dress.  It truly was a celebration of the best of what our multicultural school community looks like.

The main event took place on Wednesday and Friday.  On Wednesday students and staff took part in the Cultural Evening. The evening was celebrated through dance, poetry, and song.

On Friday we had our Cultural Dress Day.  Students and staff wore their cultural dress and identified which part of the country or world they originated from. It was a very successful and informative day as the whole school learned about their school communities heritage.

Many thanks to the Agents For Change Ambassadors who were heavily involved in the design and implementation of our first Cultural Week.  We look forward to the up and coming events this academic year.