Catholic Life

The Catholic School

The Catholic School is, or should be, a unique Christian Community. That community should share a deeply held commitment to genuine Christian values and be united in mutual respect and a sense of belonging. It should be a place where God is experienced as a reality. The Church maintains its schools because of its conviction that nothing matters more than the Christian vision of life and death and the coming of God’s kingdom.

This vision has been emphasised in specific terms by the Second Vatican Council, “The Declaration of Christian Education” (1967); by The Sacred Congregation for Catholic Education, “The Catholic School” (1977) and more recently by the late Cardinal Hume in his final address to Headteachers of Westminster Diocese, “The Future for Catholic Schools”.

The Trinity Catholic School Prayer

To the Glory of God,

We build our school on faith, love and respect.
May our eyes focus on Christ’s cross,
May our words witness to the Gospel,
May our hearts offer forgiveness,
And may our hands do your work,
Today and every day.


Our Lady of Lourdes
Pray for us.