At Trinity Dance is studied as an art form in Years 7,8 and 9. Students have the opportunity to develop their previous experience and knowledge from KS3 and take Dance as a subject at GCSE.  As performers students will develop confidence and self-esteem, self and body awareness as well as sensitivity to others and team working skills. Effective performance requires physical effort and the determination to succeed and improve.  As choreographers, students will employ the skills of problem solving and creativity. They will develop good communication skills which are needed when directing others. Students will study a range of professional dances and acquire the ability to analyse and make informed decisions about the effectiveness of each one.

Key Stage 3

Our curriculum aims to develop and instil a lifelong involvement in fitness and healthy living, combined with a passion for sport and physical activity that promotes a culture of teamwork, sportsmanship and respect for all.

Throughout Key Stage 3 students have two lessons of Physical Education per week. Lessons are taught in single sexed groups.

The PE curriculum is broad and balanced and covers many different areas. Dance is taught as a compulsory unit of work in Years 7, 8 and 9.

Key Stage 4

Course title: AQA GCSE Dance

Assessment: 60% Coursework 40% Exam Specification:

This fantastic course gives students an understanding of all the different elements associated within the field of dance including performance, choreography and analysis. The assessment requires students to perform two solos, one group dance and choreograph a solo or a group dance for other students to perform. There is a written exam at the end of the course but the majority of lessons will be practical, focusing on a contemporary style of dance. Students do not need to dance outside school but a genuine passion and enjoyment of the subject is essential. Students might be required to rehearse one night after school in order to complete all the course requirements.

Key Stage 5

  •     Choreologist
  •     Dance Company Director
  •     Dance Critic
  •     Dance Instructor/ teacher
  •     Dance Studio Owner
  •     Dance Therapist
  •     Dancer
  •     Talent Agent
  •     Choreographer
  •     Arts Advocacy Agency Director
  •     Arts Council Director

Dance is taught at KS3 at Beechdale site in the gym. KS4 dance is taught at Kingsbury site in Kingsbury Hall and the Drama studio. Students have the use of iPads to record their performance work to assist with self-reflection and assessment.

Colourful and vibrant displays showcasing the students in performance can be found in the dance theory classroom at Kingsbury site.

Trinity has taken part in numerous city and national dance events and performed at Nottingham’s Concert Hall and Nottingham’s Albert hall.

Mrs L Hodson (Head of Department)

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