Remembrance Day Talk

On Friday 17th Trinity school hosted a charity talk on the Second World War, as part of our programme of events for Remembrance Day. Our topic this year was “1943: The Reich in Retreat, 23rd October 1942- 4th July 1943”. Starting with the Battles of Stalingrad and El Alamein and across the grey expanse of the Atlantic Axis forces are in retreat. After defeat in Egypt a new front is opened up in West Africa, and Axis forces rush to reinforce the Africa Korps in an effort to stave off defeat. The convoy war comes to its decisive end, while the skies of Germany became increasingly the scene for fierce fighting as the British and Americans try to bomb German industry flat, while in the East the Red army begins to drive back the German forces.

Mr Howell would like to thank all those who attended our fundraising event, and would also like to thank Adkins Bakery for their kind donation towards our chip cobs for the event.