I am Mrs Kelly – your school librarian. I grew up in the United States and I love helping students find the right book for them.

I’m Ms Slingsby, an English teacher and head of whole school literacy. I also run the book club on Monday lunchtimes and love talking about books.


1 Come in sensibly and quietly.​

2 Put your bag under a chair and your planner on the desk.​ If no chair is available, please come back later.​

3 If you are only wanting to exchange books, you may do so, but must leave when Mrs Kelly asks you to.  ​

4 DO NOT eat or drink.  Take your water bottle into the corridor. ​

5 If you are too loud, disrespectful to any member of staff or other student, or are not sitting on a chair with your planner in front  of you, Mrs Kelly will ask you to leave and issue behaviour points.​

6 If you take a book off the shelf, put it back in the SAME PLACE. If you can’t find the correct place, use the blue box.​

7 Look after the books and each other.  Be kind and respectful.​


>Look at reviews and talk to your friends about what they are reading

>Look at the covers – what do the colours, font styles and images suggest about the style of book?

>Check the AR number – does it fit your ZPD?  Is it challenging enough?

>Read the blurb (the words on the back) – do you think you’d like the characters, plot and setting?

>Read the first page – do you like the writing style?

>If you don’t like it – don’t check it out!  Put it back where you found it or in a blue box.  Then try looking again…