Business is a vibrant and dynamic subject.  It is an A-Level only qualification at Trinity.  Business enables students to develop as commercially minded and enterprising individuals and helps them to succeed in a variety of pathways.

Business involves managing resources in order to achieve an organisation’s objectives. The organisation may be a National Health hospital, a state school, a large multinational company, a small shop or charity. The fundamental issue facing such an organisation is to decide how to make the best use of the limited resources at its disposal. In every business there will be a limited amount of finance, labour, expertise and technology etc. which can be utilised. Management has to decide how to get the most out of these resources.

Key Stage 3

Business is not taught at Key Stage 3

Key Stage 4

Business is not taught at Key Stage 4

Key Stage 5

Business at A-Level aims to help students understand business concepts, business terminology, business objectives, the integrated nature of business activity and the impact of business on individuals and wider society. Business issues are analysed in relation to different types and sizes of businesses in local, national and global contexts. Students are encouraged to think commercially and creatively to demonstrate business acumen, and draw evidence to make informed business decisions and solve business problems. Learning involves lots of business case studies and activities, with many practical examples and business investigations. Business involves practical work, group activities, presentations and problem-solving. There is a quantitative element to the courses and students are expected to apply the maths skills that they have already developed, including using and interpreting data.

At Key Stage 5 we follow the Edexcel Business course which is divided into four distinct themes;

Theme 1: Marketing and People

  1. Meeting customer needs
  2. The market
  3. Marketing mix and strategy
  4. Managing people
  5. Entrepreneurs and leaders

Theme 2: Managing Business Activities

  1. Raising finance
  2. Financial planning
  3. Managing finance
  4. Resource management
  5. External influences

Theme 3: Business Decisions and Strategy

  1. Business objectives and strategy
  2. Business growth
  3. Decision-making techniques
  4. Influences on business decisions
  5. Assessing competitiveness
  6. Managing change

Theme 4: Global Business

  1. Globalisation
  2. Global markets and business expansion
  3. Global marketing
  4. Global industries and companies (multinational corporations)


Business at A-Level consists of three externally-examined written papers at the end of Year 13. The exams are a combination of calculations and a variety of demanding extended written responses. Paper 3 is based on a pre-released document issued in November of Year 13.


A-Level Edexcel Business

This course is suitable for anyone having studied a Higher level GCSE, and achieved a grade 5 or above.

Business is a subject area that you will use throughout your life regardless of the career you choose. Every working environment is a business environment, be it a hospital or a bank. All have to manage their finances, motivate their employees, market their skills or products etc…

The subject can be taken further by opting for a degree in this area. Alternatively, you may opt to seek employment in a related field.

The department is based in a specialist room in the Sixth Form Building (on Beechdale Road).  The room has an interactive smart board and a high standard visualiser.  At A-Level students work in folders and exam question booklets.  We do not use textbooks in the department and mainly like to create all our own resources, although, on occasion, we do buy in some excellent materials from a variety of sources.  There are two specialist Business teachers within the department.

Business is a popular choice for students at Trinity with a significant number of students achieving on or above their target grades.  Many students also progress onto a Business degree when they leave the Sixth Form.

Business students have successfully competed in the CIPFA Management Games at Nottingham Trent University and we have effectively run Young Enterprise for a number of years, with the students accumulating a variety of awards over the years.

As a department, we are very proud of our recent partnership and collaboration with All Saints, The Becket and Christ the King, and look forward to a continued and successful relationship over the coming years.

Mrs N Dickinson (Subject Leader)

Mr C Simcock (Classroom Teacher)