Applied Science Crime Scene Trip

On Tuesday 22nd February, Year 13 Applied Science students became Crime Scene Investigators for the day.

At 13:30 GMT, Trinity’s CSI Team was called in to collect evidence from a murder scene at a Nottingham Trent University’s student residence. The victim, Mr D.Mise, was found murdered on his dining room floor.

Trinity CSI produced crime scene sketches and took photographs of the evidence they found. They then collected the evidence, which included blood samples, finger prints, hair and fibres, bullet cartridges and potential murder weapons such as a gun, crowbar and a baseball bat. Trinity CSI bagged up all evidence appropriately ensuring not to contaminate it.

Mrs Buxton, The Crime Scene Manager of Trinity CSI, was pleased with the due care taken by her team to ensure the continuity of evidence.

Mrs Buxton and her Year 13 Applied Science group would like to thank Jon Wright and his colleagues at Nottingham Trent University for setting up the crime scenes at the university’s Crime Scene Training Facility for our students to complete their coursework. The students fully enjoyed the very unique experience!