9th January, 2020


1. Ethos

The curriculum offered at Trinity will be broad, balanced and relevant.  It will include all elements of the national curriculum that are mandatory and all that our experience and past success deem desirable.

The Catholic Education Service/Diocesan requirement for 10% of curricular time devoted to Religious Education will be met.

The Head, SLT, Subject leaders and Subject Managers will have matters which concern the Curriculum raised regularly at meeting forums as well as informally.

2. Academic Curriculum

Key Stage 3

Pupils study a broad and balanced curriculum in Years 7-9 providing a strong foundation for developing their knowledge further at KS4. Pupils are taught in small teaching groups, particularly in specialist areas such as PE and DT. Every child learns a musical instrument as part of Orchestra lessons.

Year 9 Options

Year 9 pupils choose their options for Year 10 during the Summer term of Year 9. They receive a range of presentations from each subject during form times over the Spring term. They then receive a booklet with a summary of these presentations and make choices accordingly. Options talks take place in the build-up to Year 9 exams and Parents’ Evening. The deadline for returning the options form is shortly after the Parents’ Evening. The form must be signed by a parent/guardian.

Mr Bennett co-ordinates the options choices for pupils prior to writing the timetable for the following year.

Key Stage 4

Pupils study Religious Education, English, Maths, Science (BTEC, Dual Award or Triple Sciences) , Geography or History, a DT option (Food, Textiles, Construction, Electronics or Graphics) and can choose from 2 of the following the mixed option blocks; Art, Business Studies, Dance, Drama, French, Geography, History, PE, Spanish.

The curriculum followed in each of these subjects is dictated by the exam boards selected and is subject to change year on year depending on what courses are offered and meet the needs of pupils at the school at that time. For further information please use the links to each of the exam boards also attached to this article.

In addition to the pupils GCSE options, they also take part in Physical Education for health and to encourage healthy lifestyles.

Year 11 Options

Pupils are all individually interviewed on at least two occasions during Year 11 as well as being given independent careers advice. Pupils who choose to apply to Trinity Sixth Form are given free choice of subjects offered and the timetable is structured as to provide unrestricted choice of A-Levels.

Key Stage 5

Students in the Sixth Form typically study 4 AS Levels in Year 12 and go on to study 3 A Levels in Year 13. In addition to academic qualifications, students take part in Religious Education lessons in their form groups.

More information about the Sixth Form can be found on the website in the Sixth Form microsite.

The Sixth Form Prospectus is attached to this article and includes the course content of each subject.

Each subject follows the courses as laid out by the examining bodies.

3. Pastoral Curriculum

The Pastoral Curriculum is delivered during the Form Periods through the week via a variety of assemblies, teacher-led activities and independent work. The curriculum is designed to meet the ever-changing needs of our students but also meets a range of topics that form part of our commitment to educate young people to become good Christian citizens.

4. Enrichment Opportunities

In addition to the Academic and Pastoral Curriculum that we offer, there is a rich and varied extra-curricular offer with a range of sporting, musical, performance and charity activities amongst others. A rationale concerning Extra-Curricular Activities at Trinity can be found on the school website.

An Opportunities Fair is held each year in September for students to find out about new opportunities and sign up for clubs.