3rd April, 2020

Year 9 Options 2020

Dear Students/Parents/Guardians,

At this time of year, we would be asking Year 9 students and their parents/guardians to think about their subject choices for next year. In normal circumstances, students would have had been given detailed information about the choices on offer and the pathways for their future. Parents/guardians would have had a chance to discuss this at parents evening and attend a presentation in school. This has not been possible in the current situation; however, we must begin to prepare next year’s timetable, therefore we have attached an Options Booklet and an Options Form to this communication. The Options Booklet has a breakdown of the Level 2 courses on offer at Trinity School and a little information about what might be covered and where this course of study might lead.

The Options Form allows students to make some choices for next years curriculum.

Students should choose between History or Geography (Box A).

Students can then choose from a list in the Practical Option Block (Box B).

Finally, students can choose from a list in the Mixed Option Block (Box C).

There is a space to put a second choice from Box B and Box C.

Some helpful hints about completing the Options Form would include:

  • Make sure you fill a choice in each Box
  • Think carefully about what you might want to do in the future, dropping History if you want to be a History teacher would be a mistake!
  • Don’t choose a subject because of what your friends are doing, they may end up in a different class.
  • Don’t choose a subject because you like a particular teacher, they may not teach that subject in Year 10.

The Options Form attached to this article can be downloaded and completed. Once completed please send it back by e-mail to r.bennett@trinity.nottingham.sch.uk. It should arrive on or before Monday 27 April 2020.

We understand that students and parents/guardians may feel that these are big decisions to make with only a limited amount of information and to help with this we will allow much more flexibility for changes in September. If you are concerned about anything to do with the Options Process please feel free to contact me on the above e-mail address.

Yours sincerely
R Bennett

DOWNLOAD Year 9 Options Booklet 2020
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