13th November, 2018

Year 9 Languages Trip

On Wednesday 13th November, a group of Year 9 pupils visited the University of Nottingham for a languages taster day.

They learned about language studies post-16 and had a go at picking up two completely new languages, Japanese and Portuguese. The pupils were given a tour of the beautiful University Park campus and three current students gave the pupils a talk describing their year abroad and the languages they study.

New Languages

The pupils really enjoyed the day, especially the language taster sessions. They learnt a little bit of Portuguese and Japanese, in addition to some fascinating facts.

Did you know Portuguese is spoken in Mozambique and Angola as a result of trading spices in the past? …or that Japanese has around 1800 characters which make up its language? Pupils were also surprised by how many words of Japanese origin we use in English, e.g. karaoke, ninja and, of course, emoji.

The pupils had a great day and by the end were able to introduce themselves and greet people in two new languages.