5th October, 2019

Year 8 Plastics and Environment Project

Over the past few weeks, a couple of Year 8 DT classes have been working on a ‘plastics and the enviroment’ project. The aim was for the pupils to learn about how plastics (polymers) are made and used and their potential effect on our environment.

Since the summer, Mr Stevens and Mr Durbin have been collecting milk bottle lids which are recycled and turned into screw driver handles. This is a fantastic way for the students to understand part of the recycling process, which is an important part of sustainability.

The pupils sort and grade the lids, then cut them into pieces small enough to fit through a sieve. Once this is done, they are suitable to be melted in the injection moulding machine. This forms the handle onto the screw driver tips that the students make from silver steel. In class, the pupils also made a mirror, a trowel and found an alternative use for a tin can (re-use).

The pupils have really enjoyed the project and have done their bit to help save the environment from waste plastics.

A huge thank you goes out from the DT Department to all those pupils, parents and teachers who have collected milk bottle lids and made this project possible. Keep them coming!