13th December, 2019

Year 7 Advent Retreat 2019

On Friday 13th December, our Year 7’s took part in the annual Advent Retreat Day. This year was a bit different than previous years as we revamped the whole day, especially for this year group! Here’s a description of what they did in the day, written by some of the students themselves.

“First we gathered together as a Year group in the Sports Hall and played some games based on the journey. Issie then explained about the journey of Advent and reaching the Nativity scene in our journey.

After that, we went with our forms to do some activities called “Christmas Mission!” They included making a Christmas Carol for our form, cracking a Christmas Code, making a Christmas Advert for oranges and making Christmas decorations.

Then we travelled around lots of different rooms in our forms to do more activities. We did a meditation, which we really liked because it was calming and quiet, and then we also wrote letters to ourselves, created a gift and filmed some prayers. We then came back to our rooms for the day and created our own part for the afternoon’s liturgy.

After lunch, we went to St Teresa’s Church and each form took part in the liturgy. We also learnt some new songs and sang together. To end the day, we went back to our form rooms and received a copy of Matthew’s Gospel each. It was an awesome day!”

The day was a real celebration of Advent, and Year 7 thoroughly enjoyed it. Many said that they wanted to do it all over again, and they’ll get chance to of sorts with their Year 8 retreat next year! A big thank you as well to the sixth form students who helped out in all the forms, the Year 7’s loved working with them and thought they were incredible.