5th October, 2019

Year 10 Wooden Box and Cross Project

Over the past few lessons, Mr Stevens’ Year 10 Design Technology class have been working on two mini projects – a wooden box and a cross.

The students have been learning about woods and metals. They started by making the wooden cross. They cut the wood to size and then joined the pieces using a halving joint. A hole was drilled into the back so it can be hung up.

The figure of Jesus was then cast out of lead free pewter using a silicone rubber mould specially made by Mr Stevens. Once it was cleaned and polished, the figure was attached to the cross. The wooden box used a nailed butt joint and the students learned how to attach butterfly hinges and a hook (also made by pewter casting).

The pupils really enjoyed the project and learnt a lot of new and useful skills such as casting, making wood joints and how to add suitable fixtures and fittings.