18th September, 2018

Visit from German Partner School

At the end of September, our German partner school, the St-Dominikus-Gymnasium in Karlsruhe, sent 33 pupils and three members of staff to Nottingham for a four day stay. This was the tenth visit from Karlsruhe.

As part of the visit they spent two days in school and were looked after by volunteers from Years 9-13. Our German guests went to lessons with partners and also took part in the sponsored walk. Mr Stevens put on special DT workshops for the visitors because they don’t do DT at their school.

German Lessons

This year, for the first time, the German visitors gave German lessons to our younger pupils, giving them a taster of another language. There were also social events in the evening and the visit was a success.

Thank You

Mrs Rogers would like to thank all staff who contributed to the smooth running of the trip, especially Mr Stevens, and also the 33 Trinity pupils who volunteered to look after a visitor.