21st March, 2022

Trip to the Houses of Parliament – Politics

Mr Howell and Ms Brown have recently taken a school trip of Year 12’s and 13’s to London, to tour around the Houses of Commons and Lords. The trip began with a tour of the Supreme Court, before going on a walking tour of London taking in Parliament Square, the statues of the suffragettes and suffragists, the Burghers of Calais, Lambeth Palace, the statue to Mary Seacole and the National Covid memorial.

We then went around the Houses of Commons and Lords and were privileged to meet up with our MP, Lillian Greenwood. Despite the fact that she was acting as Chief Whip for the Labour Party for the day she still took the time to meet up with our pupils, and to discuss her work as a whip as well as the efforts of the Labour Party to help Nottingham transport links, and the situation in Ukraine. We then met with Lord Stewart of Dirleton, who was kind enough to explain his work as Advocate General for Scotland. He gave pupils a fascinating insight into the work of the House of Lords, and their key role in creating workable laws.

After our tour of the Palace of Westminster, we then embarked on another walking tour of London, seeing Downing Street, Whitehall, House Guards, Trafalgar Square, the British Museum, the reform club, the house of Lord Hore-Belisha and Buckingham Palace before going for dinner together. Mr Howell would like to thank all the pupils for their enthusiasm and interest, as well as everyone who made this memorable trip possible.