2nd December, 2019

Trinity General Election 2019

The Trinity school General Election has begun! 3 teams will be contesting the 47 constituencies of Trinity school (with each form group representing 1 constituency). The teams are:

The Conservative Party led by Jamie.

The Labour Party led by Maisie and Samuel.

The Liberal Democrats led by Lucia and Joe.

The party manifestoes have been released and will be shown to the form groups over the next few days. Every pupil from Years 7-13 will have a vote, in this the most important General Election for our school for years. All pupils are encouraged to think carefully about their vote, to ask questions and get involved.

During the campaign, the candidates started to meet voters. They arrived to contest the key battlegrounds of the Year 9 constituencies and after making their appeal to the voters then faced questions on their priorities, Brexit, the NHS and the environment. The voters listened politely and with interest, and the event sparked a lively debate. It is clear that these key marginal are going to be fiercely contested.

The candidates for the General Election continued their tour of key marginal constituencies when they visited Year 11.  The Environment featured more heavily than in the previous question time event, but the candidates continued to field questions on the NHS, Brexit and Education, as well as the trustworthiness of politicians.

After a fiercely fought contest, Labour swept to power, winning 42 out of 47 constituencies. Voter turnout was high, and I would like to congratulate and thank all the candidates on their hard efforts. The results, in brief, are here: