10th July, 2019

Sports Day

Trinity held its annual Sports Day at Harvey Hadden athletics stadium on Wednesday 10th July.

The highlight of the house competition’s sporting calendar, the day is a celebration of participation and perseverance as much as of prowess.

The four Trinity houses, Arrowsmith, Barlow, Campion and Dalby, jostled for position on the leader board throughout most of the events and the results ended very close between Arrowsmith and Barlow. It went down to the last relay events; Arrowsmith came through strong and were crowned champions!

Great Support

Thankfully, the weather wasn’t as hot as expected after a scorcher the day before. The stand was filled with spectators in the afternoon, all cheering loudly for their house’s runners, jumpers and throwers. Thank you to the DT department who equipped the crowds well with banners, flags and bandanas, it was a mass of colour!

The 2013 relay kicked the afternoon events off, an event that started last year in anticipation of the Olympics. The relay was preceded by a lap of honour by the relay runners and the national anthem to set the tone for the afternoon.

The Sixth Form Games

The 6th form events have become a permanent inclusion on the day and this year the students behaved and competed exceptionally well. Campion were last year’s champions and after a very close competition, Dalby took this year’s title by only 1 point with all the other houses in equal second place.

Not only did the 6th formers perform, a number of forms also managed to raise money for charity, with Mr Calvert’s form setting up a tuck shop, Miss Wright’s face painting and a few other students taking photographs.

Well Done and Thank You

Thank you to all staff and pupils that took part and made the day enjoyable for all.