12th July, 2019

Skellig Workshop

On Thursday 11th July, Year 10 GCSE Drama pupils took part in a workshop focused on their Live Theatre Review – Skellig.

The workshop was a follow up to the production seen at the Nottingham Playhouse in April.

The pupils engaged with the exploration tasks from an extract of the play, where Skellig is discovered in the garage of the crumbling old house. A physical theatre section was then created as an ensemble.

They came away with an insight into how a section of their own devised work can be told through an ensemble, with movement and physicality in the space. They also identified two sections for analysis and evaluation for the exam next May.

Thank You

Miss White would like to thank Manaya from the Nottingham Playhouse for delivering this fantastic workshop


The book, now adapted into a play, tells the story of Michael and his family who have moved into a new house that is in bad repair. He and his parents are anxious as his new baby sister has been born prematurely and may not live. When Michael goes into the garage, amid all the boxes, debris and dead insects he finds a strange human-like creature who seems to have almost wasted away. He is then taken on a journey with Skellig. We get to meet various characters in Michael’s life along the way.