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Trinity Sixth Form

Sixth Form Oscars

The 2012 Oscars took place at Trinity in February with awards for all subjects, following nominations from the teaching staff. There were also special awards for outstanding effort and achievement for one or two very deserving students.

Year 13

The Year 13 students were first to receive their awards on 21st Feb. They were familiar with these awards from last year but there were a number of new students receiving awards following significant improvements over the last 12 months. One student also received a special Year 13 Award as he managed to exceed his target by at least one grade in each subject in the Year 12 exams, a truly outstanding achievement.

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Year 12

The Year 12 students had their turn the following week, allowing the excitement to build up. There were a few surprises as students learned that their efforts had been noticed and appreciated. It was also good to see the awards shared between a number of former Trinity students as well as a number of students who were new to Trinity at the start of the year.


Congratulations to all award winners. Your efforts have been greatly appreciated by your teachers. For Year 12, if you were not successful this year, there is always next year!