3rd October, 2017

School On View

On Tuesday 3rd October, Trinity hosted its School on View for prospective Year 7 pupils for September 2018.

We were delighted with feedback from visitors who told us that their Year 7 guides were so at ease around the school after only 4 weeks of being Trinity pupils. We were told that they were polite and informative.

Wonderful Enthusiasm

We were very happy to see the enthusiasm of our young visitors and their families. They enjoyed watching and taking part in the science demonstrations and seeing volcanoes erupt in Geography. They were entertained in Music and enjoyed cakes and cookies in Food Technology. There was so much to see and take part in that a tour took upwards of an hour and a half. Some of our Year 6 visitors wanted to stay longer!

We look forward to receiving applications for next year and will see a number of our visitors in just under a year from now.