20th March, 2019

Ron Seal’s Adventures with Year 7

The Year 7 mascot, Ron Seal, has been going to lessons and having some great extra-curricular adventures.

Ron has thrown himself into Year 7 life, learning about important topics such as mental health in form time as well as music and art skills in the classroom.

He spends each week with the best attending form group in Year 7 who take him under their flipper and show him the ropes. (This term 7AT have won the attendance competition and will be treated to a lunchtime party as a reward.)

Further Adventures

Ron’s adventures are documented in his special book and the lucky pup is often treated to activities outside of school, such as pancake making, gardening and even a trip to the coast with one of the Year 7 form tutors!

The Seal of Approval

Ron was so impressed with how Year 7 pupils looked after him, along with their outstanding attendance, that he even shared some chocolate eggs with them as a treat! He has certainly given this year’s groups his seal of approval.