23rd June, 2022

Retreat Day – Made for Greatness – Year 8

On Thursday the 16th of June, Year 8 got to celebrate the theme of being “Made for Greatness” with a retreat day. The day started off with a liturgy and Trinity’s very own version of the TV show ‘Crystal Maze’ where selected students were made to compete in a series of challenges including building the tallest tower of spaghetti and blue tac and a general knowledge quiz. After students competed, it was time for form tutors to compete in a test of physical ability for the final crystals. In forms, students then made their very own form mascot to represent everything that their form stands for and everything that makes their form great.

They then showcased these mascots to other forms whilst also displaying the many gifts and talents of the people in their form. We ended the day with affirmations and a final liturgy. Each person was given a booklet to write their name on to and then the students of their form wrote words of encouragement, praise and affirmation about each of their fellow students to build them up and show them just how great they truly are.

It was an amazing day for everyone involved and the students were exceptional throughout the day, often going above and beyond with what they needed to do.