14th July, 2022

Primary School Invasion Day

The invaders are coming!

On Wednesday our feeder primary schools descended upon Trinity for a day of Saxon History. We welcomed 180 pupils from 3 primary schools for the day. The day started with a display of medieval medicine, before the pupils were taught a series of medieval dances. They were then treated to a display of Saxon combat put on by the Trinity teachers. after lunch they were taught to march, and allowed to try the weight of the armour they wore. They then swore their loyalty to king Harold Godwinson and took part in a refight of the battle of Stamford Bridge 1066.

After overcoming the Vikings, the King of Norway was killed, and the battle was followed by a memorial service to the fallen of both sides.

Mr Howell would like to thank the pupils who took part for their excellent behavior and also all the staff who worked so hard to make this possible.