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PE & Sport

Sports and House Awards Assembly

Trinity's annual Sports Awards and House Competition assembly took place on the afternoon of Friday 24th October.

The assembly is a celebration of our sporting and House Competition participation and successes. The afternoon in the Sports Hall was filled with pride and excitement as Barlow were announced as the House Competition winners after a very close fought competition. It even included our very own live sack race for our current house leaders!

Special guests with Mr McKeever

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Special Guests

The special guests included ex professional basketball player Andrew Bridge and ex professional rugby player David Jackson. We were also lucky to secure some current professional athletes, Jermaine Jenas (footballer) and Robert Lachowicz and Brian Schmidt (ice hockey). All guests were interviewed by the pupils and each gave some thoughtful and inspiring answers for the audience.

Sports Leaders and Officials

As always, we had lots to celebrate in the afternoon, not only the sporting titles achieved but also the hard work by the pupils involved in sports leadership programmes.