19th August, 2020

National Changes to the Awarding of A Level Grades

Dear Students,

I know that it has been a very difficult week with news surrounding the awarding of A level grades.

As you are probably aware an official announcement was made yesterday. Ofqual have decided that students are to be awarded their Centre Assessment Grade for this summer – that is, the grade we estimated you would most likely have achieved in your exam (we gave these to you on Thursday). If the standardised grade is higher than the Centre Assessment Grade, then this grade will stand so that you will be awarded the higher grade.

Please see the following link for the official announcement on the government website for more details: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/gcse-and-a-level-students-to-receive-centre-assessment-grades

Unfortunately, for some of you, this means that you were rejected from your first choice of university on the evidence of actual grades that have now been retracted and that you have accepted your insurance choice or a slight change of offer.

Our advice is to contact your first choice of university and find out whether you will now be given a place. Some universities have been told to hold back places for appeals (which will be no longer needed) and they have also been given permission to recruit more students to courses. You should also be allowed to swap onto your first choice (if a place is given) even though you have accepted your insurance offer.  So, please investigate your offers/university place as things are changing very quickly.

I really would have written a very different story for all of you – you have already been through such an incredibly tough time and now a new challenge appears on the horizon. However, this should be a positive challenge and it’s great for us, your teachers, to know that our professional judgements about your academic ability are now being recognised.

I continue to be amazed by your stoicism and resilience and want to commend you for it. I think the world should look out for cohort/leavers 2020 as they are a very special group of individuals.

If you need advice or help with anything, please contact one of us as soon as possible and please let us know if any of you have changed destination or course – we would love to hear from you.

Take care and with all best wishes for future success,

Mrs Wilkinson
Mrs Marsden
Dr Mulligan