13th November, 2020

Mid Half Term Letter – November 2020

Dear Parent/ Carer

I do hope you are safe and well during this second period of national lockdown. We are delighted that, unlike the first lockdown, we are able to remain open to all students. Given the measures that we had already put in place to ensure the safety of our students and staff, the most recent guidance has not changed how we are operating. Up to this date, we have had five students and three staff members test positive and have not had any recorded in-school transmission, as far as we are aware. Given both the current national and local picture, this really is quite impressive and shows how well both staff and students are working to ensure our thorough risk assessments are being adhered to.

Thank you to all of you with your support over this period as I know that receiving the phone call that your child needs to isolate for two weeks can be frustrating, but we are operating with the best interests of everyone’s safety and following the ever-changing guidance.

Non-uniform Day

This Friday 20th November marks the National Youth Funday, in celebration of Christ the King Sunday on 22nd November. The Nottingham Diocesan Catholic Youth Service (NDCYS) have run a fun virtual day for our Diocese over the last two years, and this year they are running it for schools nationally. The day compromises of non-uniform and multiple live streams that can be watched at any time.

As a school, we are supporting them, and The Briars Youth Centre that they run, by holding a non-uniform day to raise vital funds. The centre has been closed since March this year, and so any fundraising is essential to keeping it running and providing the incredible retreats for young people from around the country. We have been fortunate, as a school, over the years to benefit from The Briars and what they offer, and so it would be lovely if we could give back to them. We are asking for a voluntary donation of £1 from every child to come in their own clothes, and it would be appreciated if you could spare even more than £1. There are a few stipulations to wearing non-uniform:

– No slogans or images that could be construed as offensive or inappropriate

– No ripped jeans are allowed

– No cropped or low-cut tops

– Shoes should be appropriate

– Jewellery and Make-up are not allowed

We expect all of our students to behave and conduct themselves in a sensible manner, particularly at these most challenging times. We hope that they enjoy the day, and that we can have fun and raise money for a particularly important charity and centre.

Travelling to and from school

At the end of last week, I received an email from a local police constable informing us that students had been using shops to buy sweets, despite the lockdown guidance stating that only essential shopping is permitted. Also, that students are gathering and walking in large groups to and from school. They emphasised that £200 fines may be issued to those not following the guidance. Please could you work with us to ensure that your children aren’t visiting shops unnecessarily and when walking to and from school are only walking in pairs. I understand how difficult and confusing this is for our young people but I have a duty to pass this on.

Cycle Helmets

Please ensure that if your child is cycling to and from school that they are wearing a helmet as we are finding that many students are coming to school with them but not wearing them. We will continue to reinforce this message at school.


We understand that over the coming weeks we will see a variety of approaches to the fact that hairdressers are currently closed. From those letting it grow to some more interesting home and DIY cuts. Please may I remind everyone of our expectations around hair to avoid future upset:

“In specifying school uniform, we aim for straightforward and traditional styles to maintain consistency and avoid trends. In matters of hairstyles too, we go for orthodox traditional hairstyles, avoiding the long or very short, changing hair colour; the patterned or multi-fashions i.e. no corn/cane row hairstyles. Shaved sections and wedges are not allowed. Grade 2 is the minimum acceptable length and significant changes in length are not acceptable.”

Prime Time Musical Excellence

This past weekend on TV we were really proud to see current and ex-Trinity students shining on two prime time BBC shows. Firstly, Jacob Fowler who left us in 2018 and his band ‘Since September’, won the BBC Talent Competition ‘Little Mix the Search’. Whilst it was also wonderful to see all seven of the Kanneh-Mason siblings performing on the Strictly Come Dancing results show. If you did not see the performances the first time around they are available on BBC iPlayer.

Watch ‘Little Mix The Search’ – Final
Watch ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ – Featuring The Kanneh Masons

Yours faithfully,
Matt Shenton


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