20th March, 2019

Junior Team Challenge

On Wednesday 20th March, four Trinity students took part in the United Kingdom Mathematics Trust Maths Challenge Regional Final in Kirby in Ashfield.

The students, two from Year 8 and two from Year 9, completed four rounds, including a Shuttle, Crossnumber and Relay. Although the team didn’t make it through to the National Final, they all enjoyed the chance to solve puzzles all day!

Think you’ve got what it takes?

A room contains a group of Minions. Each Minion has either one eye or two eyes. In the room, there are three times as many Minions with two eyes as there are with one eye. In total there are 329 eyes in the room. How many Minions in the room have two eyes?

More puzzles like this can be found at: https://www.ukmt.org.uk/team-challenges/team-challenge