12th November, 2019

Joint Schools Music Festival 2019

On November 12th, over 150 pupils from local primary schools joined Trinity musicians for our annual Joint Schools Music Festival.

The theme was working together and the schools learnt four songs to sing together:
Lean On Me
You’ve Got a Friend in Me
Eye of the Tiger
Count On Me

After the pupils had warmed up their minds, bodies and voices, they then practised the songs together before they performed them in a concert.  Each school also prepared their own items to showcase in the concert.  We saw some wonderfully energetic performances and all pupils performed with spirit!

Our wonderful Trinity musicians played the music for all of the joint songs. They had been working hard to learn the pieces since the Trinity open evening.  The whole morning showed how singing and music can bring our schools together in a truly uplifting way. We are very grateful to all the pupils for learning their songs so well and preparing their fantastic performances.

The primary schools involved were St Teresa’s, St Mary’s, and Our Lady of Perpetual Succour.