1st December, 2018

House Languages Competition

Year 7 pupils got creative to enter the House Languages Competition.

This year’s competition tapped into two big trends of the moment – colouring books for adults, and the Star Wars movies. Year 7 pupils were given an A3 sheet of pictures to colour in which also contained quotations in French from the films.

Barlow Winners

The winning entries not only coloured in the pictures to a high standard but also translated the phrases well. The results were:

1. Barlow

2. Dalby

3. Arrowsmith

4. Campion

Translation Challenge

Have a go at translating the following phrases:

  • Un Jedi n’utilise la Force que pour la défense et la connaissance, jamais pour l’attaque.
  • La Force est grande en toi!
  • Aidez-moi, Obi-Wan Kenobi, vous êtes mon seul espoir!
  • Le Bien et le Mal n’est qu’une question de point de vue.
  • suis ton instinct!