9th January, 2020



As a good school we are concerned about the experience of pupils travelling to and from school. Amongst other reasons, this is because anxiety over travel arrangements or conditions can detract from a day’s schooling. Things can happen on the way in and on the way home that affect the way your children will learn. We want to support you in getting your children to school and back safely and without incident. You can expect us to be involved in anything that happens on the way to school or coming home and we will do all in our power to get the school day off to a good start and end it the same way when your child gets home.

To this end, and in the interest of our community, we would ask you to:

  • Arrange for your children to walk or cycle to school if at all possible, ideally with friends or family.
  • Cyclists should have road worthy cycles and we recommend that they wear a helmet. They should ensure that they ride in a safe manner and pay attention to other road users and pedestrians. Bike racks area available on the Beechdale Road site.
  • Use public transport if walking / cycling is not possible. Taking advantage of bus pass deals or local authority support, if applicable.
  • Insist on good manners and behaviour as ambassadors for the school.
  • Reiterate that school rules apply from the time pupils leave home in the morning until they reach home at night.
  • Encourage good time-keeping so as to avoid lateness to school.
  • Discourage the ‘parental taxi service’. When absolutely necessary, to drop children off at school in the morning, or collect them after school, please avoid parking near the school gates as this causes dangerous levels of congestion. Arriving 5 minutes after the rush in the afternoon also alleviates congestion, particularly on Kingsbury Drive.
  • Encourage a more environmentally friendly and healthy approach to transport.

Support for Transport Costs

We are aware that not all parents take advantage of local authority support whether it be for transport, school meals or uniform, and we would strongly encourage you to take advantage of support that is available. Further information is available via the school website.

Clearways (Yellow ZigZags)

Pupils are discouraged from being collected immediately outside school where cars cause un-necessary congestion. The ZigZag markings should always be observed and any drivers ignoring the clear ways face prosecution by the Local Authority who regularly visit the area and ticket cars. Drivers are not permuted to stop on the ZigZags so dropping children off without parking is still an offence and can be prosecuted.


CCTV – Nottingham City

Nottingham City Transport record CCTV images on EVERY bus and tram which can be viewed by the school Senior Leadership Team in order to keep our pupils safe or help maintain good behaviour.

This footage can be used in court if necessary and can also be retained by the school.

The Trinity Catholic School fully endorses the NCT Travel Safe scheme.

Upper School

The Upper School buses (A1, A2, 650, Special 77, and Special 28) pick up pupils on Beechdale Road on the school side. In the evening the buses can be boarded immediately the bell goes. If the buses are late, queues form, one for each destination, by the Upper School gate nearest the RE department.

Lower School

The Lower School bus (218) picks up pupils on Kingsbury Drive on the school side. In the paved area in front of the Lower School. If the buses are not at school when the bell sounds, pupils should wait inside the gate area near the reception.

Nottingham City Transport Serving Trinity School

Routes on the Nottingham City Transport website:

A1, A2 Route>

The A2 starts opposite Morrisons Bulwell at 0744, going via Moor Bridge to be at Rise Park at 0750 and joins a second A2 at Elmbridge Shops to depart at 0755. The two A2s arrive at Bluecoat School at 0823.

In the afternoon both A2 buses run after Elmbridge Shops via Rise Park all the way to Morrisons Bulwell (1617)For further information contact Nottingham City Transport.

Nottingham City Transport Code of Conduct

Bus Passes – Nottingham City

For parents applying for replacement bus cards, paid travel cards or assisted travel, further advice and application forms can be found on the Nottingham City Council School Transport Services

Nottinghamshire County Buses

For all enquiries contact Luke Spencer at the Nottinghamshire County Education Travel Department on Tel: 0300 500 80 80 or luke.spencer@nottscc.gov.uk

The following services are not listed on the County Website as they are dedicated schools services:

Bus Number Operator Tel Timetable
650 County Fleet Bus 0115 977 3891 650 Service [Excel]
218 Skills 0115 977 7426 218 Service [Excel]


Mornings: Watnall, B600, Church Road, Moorgreen, Willey Lane, Alfreton Road, School Road, Bagthorpe, Lower Bagthorpe, Willhallows Lane, Plainsport, Brinsley, High Street, Broad Lane, A608, Church Lane, Mansfield Road, Eastwood, Church St, Brookhill Leys Road, Main Street, Chewton Street, Nottingham Road, Gilt Hill, Eastwood Road, Kimberley, Main Street, Nottingham Road, Kimberley Road, Nottingham Road, A6002, Woodhouse Way, Mornington Crescent (anticlockwise) Woodhouse Way, Nottingham Road, Old Nuthall, Cinderhill Island, Bells Lane,Beechdale Road, Trinity School

Return: Beechdale Road, Western Blvd, Nuthall Road, A610 to Old Nuthall Nottingham Road then reverse of morning route.

The timetable is linked to this article.

Nottinghamshire County Council Home to School Transport Consultation Results. (218 and 650 Buses)

On 18th January 2017 the school received notification that the County intend to terminate serices that travel to Trinity and other Faith Schools with effect from September 2018. Only pupils and Sixth Form students entitled to statutory entitlement will receive any support and this will be in the form of a pass or assistance with the cost of a pass for public transport. More information is available on the Nottinghamshire County Education Transport page.

UPDATE: The 650 and 218 services will continue for the foreseeable future following the results of the consultation.

Out of hours Transport

Buses and coaches picking up and returning pupils after school hours for various activities off site are always booked to use Beechdale Road to avoid noise and disturbance to our neighbours on Kingsbury Drive. If waiting for a child to return to school in your car, please avoid parking in the bus bays.

218 Timetable
650 Service (As of September 2015)
A1 and A2 Route
Nottingham City – Public Transport Services
Nottingham City – School Transport
Nottingham City Transport
Nottinghamshire County Transport