8th January, 2020

Terminal Server – Remote Access

Remote Access to Terminal Server

It is possible to connect to the school server from home. This is the same procedure as if you were connecting from one of the Thin Clients in school.

This Remote Desktop Connection file will allow you to link from a machine out of school to the school Terminal Server. You can use this link each time or you can save this file to your local machine and use it without logging into the TLG each time. 

You will be asked for your credentials. These are the username and password that you usually use to access the school network.


Please note if there is no activity on the terminal desktop screen for two minutes you will be locked out – this is a security matter as there is the potential for school data being compromised if you use the server but leave the screen – (we don’t know who might look at it from your home). Despite locking after 2 minutes with no activity, you can still log back in over the next 30 minutes and documents or opened windows will still be available. After 30 minutes of non-use however the server will log you out, shut down and not save any unsaved work. This is a security matter and due to the fact we have to pay for licenses for this service and there are a limited number of licences for staff and potentially pupils to access this service.

Who has access?

All staff have access and pupils in Years 10 &11 as well as Sixth Form students. If you feel that you need access and are not in Year 10, 11 or Sixth Form then please speak to your IT teacher.

Access terinal server from a PC

The rdp file attached to this article should automatically open the remote client on your machine. You can then make a shortcut to help you in future.

Access terminal server from a Mac

You need an application called Microsoft Remote Desktop which can be downloaded free from the web. You then need to enter the address:


You will be asked for your log in to the network.

Access terminal server from an iPad

The Microsoft Remote Desktop App for iPad / iPhone makes access to Terminal Server possible.