8th January, 2020

Snow Closure Policy

When the local area experiences severe snow or icy conditions Trinity School will aim to remain open as long as:

  1. The two sites are safe to access.
  2. Nottingham City transport are running buses to get children to school and to get them home again.
  3. Police or road safety advice about travel conditions
  4. The road – Kingsbury Drive, between sites is clear of snow and safe to cross
  5. There will be enough staff to safely supervise the children.
  6. Meals can be offered
  7. At least one member of the Senior Leadership Team is on site.

The decision to close the school can only be taken by the Headteacher however the school will aim, wherever possible, to stay open to ensure continuity of education. The Headteacher will consult the Assistant Headteacher responsible for staff cover, the Assistant Headteacher responsible for transport and the Site Manager, to discuss the issues. The closure will be discussed with the Chair of Governors. Notification of closure will be through text message, the school website, BBC Radio Nottingham and Capital Radio. It is vital that parents check the source of the message themselves rather than rely on a verbal version from others. Every effort will be made to get the decision communicated by 7.30 am however if conditions are rapidly changing and deteriorating it might be after this time.

If there are no messages parents should assume the school is open, we will not be texting to say we are open if other schools close. Just assume we are open as normal. 

The most senior member of staff on site will organise the staffing allocations irrespective of normal responsibilities. The priorities will be the safe supervision of the children and the continuity of education.

Some alternatives to closing the school include:

  1. Late start
  2. Early finish
  3. Access for a certain year groups of pupils but not others – if one site is safer, for example

Managing the site

When the site is snowy or icy a number of designated access routes will be identified and kept clear and gritted, by the Site Manager and/or senior staff. These routes will be routinely publicised to pupils. Thick snow may not be cleared as this can be safer than a cleared route that has frozen. Compacted snow will be cleared and ice will be gritted. Break and lunchtime arrangements might change from the norm to keep children safe. Pupils are asked to wear suitable clothes and footwear and will be allowed to change from them once at school. It might help to bring some change of clothing, including socks.

If the school remains open but the snowfall becomes heavier during the day, we will endeavour to stay open until 3:30pm and communicate this fact to parents by text and email. In the event that this becomes impossible, we will still notify parents via text and email to collect their children. We will however, look after all children until they are collected, regardless of how late this may be.

Once the decision to close is made, it cannot be reversed, even if weather conditions improve. Please accept our apologies in advance if the decision turns out to be the wrong one but we have to decide on the basis of the information we have at the time and with enough notice to allow parents to make alternative arrangements.

We would appreciate it if parents/carers do not phone the school to ask if we are open/closed where possible to avoid blocking the phone line as this makes it even harder to cope with the complex situation in school.