9th January, 2020

School Rules – Further explanation

In addition to the school rules found in the admission contract and the Pupil Planner, the following extension of these rules are aimed to support an atmosphere condusive to good behaviour and general progress.

Only the most valid reasons will be accepted for a pupil failing to attend school and lessons.  All absences must be explained with a signed letter from parents/guardians.  Longer attendance problems should be explained with a doctor’s note (i.e. for PE).

All pupils must respect the Religious identity of the school and show due reverence in Church and Religious functions and Liturgies.

Pupils must attend school and lessons on time.

Pupils must obey both written and verbal instructions from teachers.

Pupils must respect the ‘work ethos’ of the school.

Full school uniform must be worn (including correct PE kit for PE).  No training shoes or outdoor coats may be worn indoors.

No jewellery (except a simple watch and earned academic proficiency badges) make up or unorthodox haircuts will be tolerated (ie not too long or short, dyed, with patterns shaved in it, ‘wedges’ or ‘tramlines’).

No chewing gum is allowed and food and drink may not be consumed in classrooms.

Chewing Gum despoils furniture, ruins carpets and floors and causes unpleasant mess on clothing and in hair. Any pupil found chewing gum should have the gum confiscated and be punished for disobedience, perhaps by being made to clean up gum deposits on radiators, food serveries, banisters etc.  It would obviously help if teachers were never seen chewing gum by pupils.  Please reiterate this rule regularly to pupils.

Smoking, alcohol and of course swearing are strictly forbidden (including to and from school).

Use of illegal substances in or out of school time is of course forbidden and liable to result in permanent exclusion from school.

Litter will not be tolerated – we have a plentiful supply of litter bins.

No aerosols, spirit based pens, liquid paper or ‘tippex’ is allowed to be brought to school by pupils.

No ‘doodling’ on books or graffiti writing will be tolerated.

All general safety rules and those specific to particular areas must be adhered to.

No running, pushing or shoving will be allowed on corridors.  Pupils must walk in an orderly manner on the left.

Whilst awaiting their teacher pupils must line up quietly in single file outside their class.  They must not lounge on walls with shoulders or feet.  They must only enter their class with the permission of a teacher.

Pupils will not normally be allowed to leave lessons.  They must go to the toilet at breaks and dinner (unless special consideration is given for medical reasons).  They must not linger in toilets.

Pupils are not allowed to leave their desk or work place without the specific permission of their teacher or unless they are allowed to collect equipment (ie hammer, test-tube, pencils etc.)

Prayers will be said at each registration period and should also be said at the beginning and end of every work session.

Any act which could attract civil or criminal action is likely to result in exclusion from school.