18th December, 2019

School Gateway – A Parents’ Guide

School Gateway is a tool for schools that Trinity uses for the following:

  • Communications – Text and Email
  • Online Payments for some activities, trips and lunch card top-ups
  • Online Consent for some activities and trips
  • Communicating some in school achievements
  • Communicating some behaviour incidents or organisational incidents (lack of homework, equipment, lateness)
  • Giving parents an easy way to communicate update of contact details to the school so that records are kept up to date

School Gateway Login

At Trinity we use cashless catering to speed up the lunchtime service, monitor transactions and help parents monitor their children’s spending. The advantage to the school is the reduced amount of cash handling in school which saves the school money.

Trinity uses School Gateway to take online payments. This works through their website (www.schoolgateway.com) or their app which works on Android or Apple (iOS) devices.

In addition to handling our cashless catering we use School Gateway to offer parents the facility to make payments for some trips and activities in app or on line through www.SchoolGateway.com. This will mean that payments are easily tracked, secure and do not rely on pupils carrying money or cheques to school. It also offers more flexibility to parents and other features.

The advantages include the following:

Advantages for the school:

  • Reduced cost of messaging parents
  • Reduced cost of cash handling
  • Integrated cashless catering and messaging
  • Attendance tracking is more efficient
  • More efficient organising of trips/activities
  • Easy management of consent for activities

Advantages to parents:

  • View multiple children in one app
  • Make payments for trips in app or online
  • Instant transfers for catering top-ups
  • Contact details can be kept up to date easily
  • View children at different schools in the same website/app
  • Make flexible staged payments
  • Receive messages about your child’s achievements
  • Communicate regarding pupil absence efficiently
  • Messaging the school via the app is free
  • View your child’s timetable
  • Update any contact details that we hold
  • Inform us of any changes regarding medical conditions
  • Give consent for activities easily
  • You don’t have to rely on ‘pupil-post’ to get messages

It may interest you that all Trinity’s feeder schools also use Schoolrooms. This may be an advantage to you if you have children at more than one school. All children within the Multi-Academy Trust will be visible in the Schoolgateway online or in the app.

Signing Up

The more parents that have the app on their smart phone the cheaper it is for the school to message you. This saving means that money is available for other things in school for your children. However, if you do not have access to a smart phone then it is still possible to use the Schoolgateway online. (Important messages will still be communicated via paper for parents who are unable to use the Schoolgateway but the other advantages of Schoolgateway may not be available.)

Frequently Asked Questions

Can pupils still top-up using cash in school?

Yes. It is still possible to top-up in school but it is better for the school if money is topped up online or in the Schoolgateway app. This reduces the cash handling in school and ultimately saves time and money which can be spent on other things in school for the benefit of your child.

Can I pay for trips/activities online?

Most activities are available to be paid for online. On odd occasions we may still ask for cash or cheque payments.

Can I still pay for trips/activities in cash/cheque?

It will still be possible to pay using ‘manual transactions’ but we would encourage parents to use the School Gateway where possible as this helps the school significantly. It also brings benefits to your children. Any manual transactions will be made through the school offices and a receipt will be issued.

What if I cannot login?

If you are having trouble logging in, it may be because the school does not have your correct email address or mobile phone number. Please contact the school and we will check these details and update them if necessary. Alternatively it may be because you are not listed as “Priority 1 or 2” for your child. It is possible to have multiple adults listed as “Priority 1” so again, please check with the school if necessary.

School Gateway

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