9th January, 2020

Home School Agreement

Prior to starting at the school all parents / guardians sign the home school agreement, included in which are the school rules as detailed on the school website. Whether signed or not, accepting a place at the school for your child is a tacit agreement for the precepts of the home-school agreement.

A copy of the agreement, as signed, is included here verbatim:
Trinity is a Catholic School and the Governors wish to retain its Catholic nature and the discipline standards now so well established. When applying parents/guardians must undertake on behalf of their children:
  • to observe fully our normal religious practices, attendance at RE lessons, assemblies and liturgical services and to behave in a respectful manner in all religious services.
  • to support the school in implementing all the school rules.
Parents and Guardians must recognise and accept that a variety of sanctions will be imposed for misbehaviour (including the breaking of criminal
and civil law) or the breaking of school rules, as outlined in the school brochure, including:
  • Break time or lunchtime detentions
  • After school detention (with 24 hours notice)
  • Isolation
  • Fixed term or permanent exclusion
  • SLT Friday night detention
  • Saturday morning detention
There is a wide choice in education and Parents or Guardians must decide if this is the school, with its rules and practices, that they really want for their children.
I/We understand the purpose of the Trinity School and its Catholic environment and accept its rules and regulations which I/we want for our child. If allocated a place I/we agree to support the school, its discipline and Religious Practices.