8th January, 2020

Health and Safety Policy

“This Catholic School will seek to educate the whole person, academically, morally, socially and spiritually through the example of Jesus Christ and the witness of committed capable teachers.” (Mission Statement)


Safety is the concern of everyone and yet experience of human nature shows that people tend to leave a task to another person if the duty is not specifically allocated to them personally.  No one can find this attitude acceptable where issues of health or safety are involved.


All Staff

  • Everyone has a duty to all to highlight matters which may constitute a hazard to health or safety and to co-operate fully with their employers in observing prescribed safety rules in relation to jobs, practices and procedures.
  • By being aware of, and paying due regard to, safety considerations in one’s own particular subject and/or area.  This necessitates one having a good working knowledge of the safety rules which pertain to one’s own particular subject and/or work area (and signing that they have read and understood the rules and practices stated therein).  It should of course go without saying that one’s own behaviour must never constitute a hazard to health or safety eg. through negligence, etc.

Staff with Additional Responsibility

  • Subject Leaders / Managers and Chefs, Caretakers and Librarians etc. have a dual responsibility for both their own practices and those of their departmental colleagues.  They have the responsibility of ensuring that their colleagues sign the department safety documents and adhere to the acceptable practices stated within them.
  • Subject Leaders have the responsibility under the Headteacher of ensuring that the Subject Leaders for whom they are responsible are discharging their responsibilities with regard to matters of Health and Safety satisfactorily and reporting any concern in these matters to the Headteacher in writing via one of the Heads of Site.

Senior Leadership Team

The Senior Leadership Team, under the Headteacher, has a duty to carry out ‘risk analysis’ on the basis of the submissions from their colleagues, and their own observations.  Mr Parr has special responsibility for conducting Health and Safety audits and implementing risk analysis procedures.  As a result of this they will rank priorities in order of potential risk and allocate funds, where available, in order to rectify particular situations.  The members of the Senior Leadership Team also have a right and duty to examine the health and safety practices of every member of the school workforce.  It may be, in serious cases of risk, particular areas of school and/or items of equipment have to be taken out of commission until a problem is rectified.  Where training needs are identified by members of the Leadership they will liaise with the departmental Safety Officer and Education Authority to endeavour to provide it.

Reporting Concerns

Any member of staff encountering a problem which may constitute a hazard must submit a dated damage/concern slip to Mr Parr detailing the exact problem. These are available in each staffroom. In seven days they must seek ‘feedback’ if none has been forthcoming in the interim.

Further Related Guidance

The Staff Handbook has comprehensive advice on Health and Safety procedures and staff all have a duty to monitor safety procedures within school. There is also a detailed Health and Safety noticeboard in both Staff Rooms.

  • Accidents & Reporting
  • Change of Lessons
  • De-Fib Machines
  • Electrical Safety
  • Exam Evacuation Procedure in Case of Emergency
  • First Aid
  • Health And Safety In Sports Supervision
  • Health and Safety – Reporting a Concern
  • In Case of Fire
  • Injuries
  • Medical Pathways (Advice for Staff)
  • Medical Policy
  • Minibuses
  • Procedure For Dealing With And Disposing Of Bodily Fluids
  • Snow Closure Policy public
  • Specialist Areas

Specific procedures for trips, activities and specific potentially hazardous activities are laid out in detail in the staff handbook.


This policy is reviewed every 2 years.

Next Review: June 2018