9th January, 2020


Trinity Governors

The Governors of the Trinity School are committed to maintaining the ethos and mission statement of our school.  We are a local Governing body within the Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Academy Trust which also includes the primary schools of St Teresa’s Primary, Our Lady of Perpetual Succour, St Mary’s Hyson Green.

The governors and their starting dates of their terms of office are:

Foundation Governors

Mrs R Greatrix
June 2014

Mrs C Nowicki
Vice Chairperson
Jan 2015

Reverend A Cordes
Feb 2013

Mrs S Spiegelhalter
Sept 2012

Reverend M Wakely
May 2007

Mrs A Bradley

Staff Governor

Mrs M Parr
Jan 2015

Parent Governor

Mr D Fretwell
Jan 2016

Mrs D Pritchard
Sept 2016

Mrs S Kirkham
Sept 2016

Area Community Governor

Mr D James


Co-opted Governor

Mrs S Morris


Mr M Shenton



Mr A Brennan

Deputy Headteacher



Mrs L Hay

St Barnabas Multi Academy Trust

Company Secretary

Clerk to Governors

Mrs Jill Pinnington

Frequency of Meetings

The Governors meet termly. The dates for these meetings can be found on the Trinity School Calendar.


Sub-committees meet termly in addition to the Full Governors meetings.

Personnel and Pupils

Chair: Mrs Nowicki

Governors: Rev Wakely, Mrs Greatrix.

Staff: Mr Shenton, Mr Brennan, Mr Bennett.


Members: (Any three of) Mrs Bradley, Mrs Speigelhalter, Rev Cordes, Mrs Greatrix, Mr Brennan.

Exofficio advisor: Mr Shenton


Chair: Mrs Spieglehalter

Members: Mrs Parr, Mrs Kirkham, Mrs Morris

Staff: Mr Bennett, Mr Brennan.


Chair: Mrs Greatrix

Governors: Mr Shenton, Mrs Bradley, Mr Fretwell.


Chair: Mrs Greatrix

Governors: All members of the Governing Body

Health and Safety

Chair: Mr Parr (Staff)

Members: Mr Dixon.

Attendance at Governors Meetings

P Present
O Apologies
Not Applicable

Full Governors Meetings

29th Sept 2015 3rd Dec 2015 16th Mar 2016 31st March 2016 5th July 2016
Mrs R Greatrix P P P P P
Mrs G Shelley O P Left LGB
Reverend D Palmer O O O O O
Mr A Stiegler P P O P O
Mr D Attewell O P P P P
Reverend M Wakely P P O P P
Reverend A Cordes P P P P P
Mrs A Bradley O O O O O
Mr P Murphy P Left LGB
Mrs S Spiegelhalter P P O P P
Mrs M Parr P P P P P
Mrs D Caines O P P P P
Mrs C Nowicki P P P O P
Mrs F Stevenitt P End of Term
Mr D Fretwell P P P P
Mrs S Morris P P P P O
Mr D James P P O
Mr J Dexter P P P P P
Mr A Brennan P P O P P
Mrs C Vickerstaff P P P P P
J Pinnington P P P P P
Mrs M Shanahan P

Personnel and Pupils

3rd Nov 2015 17th Mar 2016 14th Jun 2016
Reverend D Palmer O O O
Reverend M Wakely P P P
Mrs R Greatrix P O O
Mr J Dexter P P P
Mr D James P P O
Mr A Brennan O P O
Mrs Nowicki P P P
J Pinnington P P P


8th Oct 2015 11th Feb 2016 9th Jun 2016
Mr P Murphy P Left LGB
Mrs G Shelley O Left LGB
Mr R Bennett P P O
Mrs S Spiegelhalter P O P
Mrs Morris P P P
Mrs Parr O P P
Mr A Brennan P P P
J Pinnington P P P

Contacting the Governors

Matters concerning the governors should be addressed to Mrs Greatrix at the Trinity School or emailed to j.pinnington@trinity.nottingham.sch.uk

Declaration of Interest – Trinity Local Governing Body
Governors Attendance at Meetings.xlsx
Governors Terms of Office
Register of Trinity LGB Interests May 2017
DfE School Governance Handbook
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