17th December, 2019

Extra Curricular Activities – Rationale

At Trinity, we encourage pupils to take advantage of the rich and diverse opportunities offered to them. Pupils can benefit significantly from taking part in activities outside the classroom, not only to support their academic progress but also to encourage their all-round development.

We encourage all staff to consider what they can add to the life of the school in running extra curricular activities. Many staff give of their time freely to the benefit of all pupils at the school and this is very much appreciated by the Leadership Team, Headteacher, Governors, Parents and Pupils.

Currently, among others, the school offers the following activities on a regular basis.

  • 3Cs Club (Christian Conversation Club)
  • Allotment Group
  • Drama Club
  • Duke of Edinburgh
  • Design Technology Support
  • Homework Club (Lunchtime and After School)
  • Homework Support at the Emmaus Centre (After School)
  • iPad Club
  • Kindle Reading Club
  • Maths Support (Lunchtimes)
  • Marching Band
  • MFL Support (After School)
  • Music Ensembles and Vocal Groups for many instruments across all school years
  • Rocket Club
  • Science Club
  • Science Support (Lunchtimes)
  • Sporting Teams for many sports in all school years
  • Oakfield Club
  • Peer Counsellors Group
  • War-Gaming Club
  • Yo-Yo Club

Many other opportunities that come up on a one off basis.

There are also dozens of trips that take place such as the Briars retreats, MFL trips, Outward Bound, Hagg Farm, Duke of Edinburgh Expeditions, Cern Physics Fieldtrip, Battlefields Trip, Royal Armouries Trip, Geography fieldtrips, Skiing trips and many more.

Pupils are all given the opportunity to participate but it should be noted that these activities are considered additional to the core offer at school and pupils should not consider a place on a trip or a place in a group as a ‘right’. Any misbehaviour, in school or at an extra-curricular group may result in permission to participate being withdrawn.

Pupils must inform parents of any activities that they are participating in beyond the school day and will often receive a letter to this effect.

Parents are asked to ensure that they are aware of any arrangements that pupils make after school to attend clubs, trips or fixtures and make sure that they are available to collect their children promptly. Whilst many staff are happy to arrange activities it is not acceptable to leave them supervising children long after the activity has finished.

Some activities or trips carry a charge for participation. It is never the school’s intention to prevent participation in any activity on grounds of affordability and, with this in mind, trips are costed as efficiently as possible. Still, it is possible that not all children will be able to attend all activities. There are, however, a number of activities and trips throughout the year that are affordable and some that are free.

Trips during curriculum time which are recognised as supporting the curriculum will be funded via ‘voluntary contributions’. The DfE guidance on this can be found attached to this article. It is worth noting that if insufficient contributions are received then not all trips are possible. Pupils in receipt of Pupil Premium are funded for a number of curriculum activities and trips but parents of these children are welcome to contribute towards the cost if they so choose.

There are many stories about the various clubs and opportunities that take place on theĀ school website.