8th January, 2020

Exams – Sick Candidates

Policy Regarding Public Examinations and Sick Candidates

If a student is ill to the extent that he or she would normally be unable to attend school, then that student should not be expected to attend public examinations. It is unlikely that sick candidates will do themselves justice in an exam, and they could be the source of infections which might affect other students or staff.

The exam boards recognise that unavoidable illness does occur and are prepared to award final grades in such cases, subject to completion of relevant documentation and fulfillment of the following minimum requirements:

  • GCSE exams: 35% of the total assessment must be completed.
  • AS Level: 50% of total assessment must be completed, usually two out of three units.
  • A Level: 50% of total assessment must be completed, including at least one A2 unit.

To qualify for special consideration the candidate must obtain a signature from their local health centre or surgery. This proforma must be collected from the Examinations Officer and then taken to the surgery for completion. The Examinations Officer will keep a copy of that proforma and apply for Special Consideration from the appropriate exam board.

If a candidate is ill during an examination and unable to continue, the candidate should be allowed to leave the examination room and his/her script collected by the invigilator. The Examination Officer will apply for Special Consideration to the relevant examination board, unless the candidate will have an opportunity to take the unit again at a later date and a final grade is not an issue.

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