9th January, 2020

Exam – External Exam Funding Policy

The school will pay the examination entry for all pupils for taught courses on the school curriculum/timetable.

The school will pay for one retake of a unit if it is a linear subject and a retake opportunity is available. The school will not pay for a third sitting of an exam and parents/carers will receive a bill which must be paid by the deadline for the entry to go ahead.  Most subjects are now linear and so a retake opportunity is not available.

The school will not pay for other courses undertaken by pupils which are not taught in school. For example, if a pupil has English is a second language and the pupil wishes to take a qualification in their first language they have to pay themselves.

External tests demanded for University entry such as IALTS, AEA, STEP papers, BMAT, UKCAT, LAT, HAT etc will have to be paid for by the pupils. However where necessary the school will administer the exam entry and invigilation aspects.

Next review October 2020