9th January, 2020

Courtesy And Manners

Trinity maintains traditional values and holds courtesy and manners as important values. With this in mind, pupils are encouraged to follow the following as a basic approach to being polite and well mannered. Pupils;

  • Should let adults through doors first and open them for them whenever possible.
  • Always call adults ‘Sir’ or ‘Miss’ or use their full name eg. ‘Mr Briggs’ or ‘Mrs Bloggs’ etc.
  • Should observe the basic rules of hygiene; use of handkerchief and washing facilities etc.
  • Should not interrupt other people speaking, or if essential, with ‘Excuse me’ etc.
  • Should always use the words ‘Please’ and ‘Thank you’ when appropriate.
  • Should never tamper with the property of anyone else.
  • Should always speak politely and try to consider the point of view that others may hold.
  • Should stand at their desks at the beginning of lessons and registration until asked to sit by their teacher.
  • Should hand work in on time. If, in exceptional circumstances, a valid excuse exists for failing to meet a commitment (work or detention etc.) the teacher must be approached in a polite manner before the deadline and the circumstances explained.
  • Should always do the best work that they are capable of (as they are ‘judged’ by it).
  • Should seek assistance with problems causing any distress from Subject Teacher/Form Tutor/Progress Co-ordinator/Member of SLT and not get into further difficulty through trying to sort them out alone.