9th January, 2020

Charging and Remissions


This policy is written with reference to the Trinity Catholic School Mission Statement:

“To the Glory of God we build our school on faith, love and respect”. (Mission Statement)

The Governing Body is committed to the general principle of free education. It recognises the valuable contribution that a wide range of activities, including visits, residential experiences and clubs, can make towards all aspects of students’ education. The Governing Body would accordingly wish to promote and provide as far as possible such activities as part of a broad and balanced curriculum for the benefit of students of the school.


The aim of this policy is to set out what charges will be levied for activities, what remissions will be implemented and the circumstances under which voluntary contributions will be requested from parents.


The Governing Body of the school is responsible for determining the content of the policy and delegating the implementation of the policy to the Headteacher. Any determinations with respect to individual parents will be considered by the Headteacher.

Prohibition of Charges

The Governing Body recognises that the legislation prohibits charges for the following:

  • Education provided during school hours (including the supply of any materials, books, instruments or other equipment)
  • Education provided outside school hours if it is part of the National Curriculum, or part of a syllabus for a prescribed public examination that the student is being prepared for at the school
  • Tuition for students learning to play musical instruments if the tuition is required as part of the National Curriculum, or part of a syllabus for a prescribed public examination that the student is being prepared for at the school
  • Entry for a prescribed public examination, if the student has been prepared for it at the school except where the student fails without good reason to meet any examination requirement for that syllabus
  • Examination re-sit(s) if the student is being prepared for the re-sit at the school except where the student fails without good reason to meet any examination requirement for that syllabus
  • Education provided on any trip that takes place during school hours
  • Education provided on any trip that takes place out of school hours if it is part of the National Curriculum, or part of a syllabus for a prescribed public examination that the student is being prepared for at the school
  • Supply teachers to cover for those teachers who are absent from school accompanying students on a residential trip
  • Transporting registered students to and from school premises, where the local authority has a statutory obligation to provide transport
  • Transporting registered students to other premises where the Governing Body or local authority has arranged for students to be educated
  • Transport that enables a student to meet an examination requirement when he has been prepared for that examination at the school
  • Transport provided in connection with an educational trip.


The following charges will be made:

  • Board and lodging on residential visits
  • The proportionate costs for an individual student of activities wholly or mainly outside school hours to meet the costs for: Travel, materials, books, equipment, non-teaching staff costs, entrance fees, insurance costs and other reasonable expences encurred in organising an activity beyond the usual curriculum.
  • Educational resources beyond the required resources; Eg Revision Guides etc.
  • Individual tuition in the playing of a musical instrument except where a pupil is eligible for Free School Meals or is in receipt of Pupil Premium (See Below)
  • Re-sits for public examinations where no further preparation has been provided by the school
  • Costs of public examinations that a student has been entered for if a student fails to complete the requirement of the public examination without good reason
  • Costs of non-prescribed examinations
  • Breakages and replacements as a result of damages caused wilfully or negligently by students
  • Extra-curricular activities and clubs
  • Meals provided at school except where pupils are eligible for Free School Meals
  • Where charges for goods or services attract VAT, the VAT will be added to the cost of the goods or service.

Parents/carers will be notified in advance of any “optional extras” which the school proposes to organise, and their estimated cost. Parental consent will be obtained if children are to participate in any activities for which a charge may be made. It may not be possible to proceed with a planned “optional extra” if parents/carers are not willing to meet the cost. (See section on voluntary contributions)

Free School Meals

Pupils whose are in receipt of Free School Meals recieve £2.20 daily, which covers the cost of a ‘meal deal’ or a similar alternative. Further information about Free School Meals can be found in via the school website.

Uniform Allowance

Pupils who are eligible for Free School Meals are automatically eligible for Uniform Allowance. Further information about the Uniform Allowance can be found on the school website.

Pupil Premium

Pupils who are in receipt of Pupil Premium are expempt from some charges. Further information about the Pupil Premium, including eligibility criteria, can be found on the school website.

Voluntary Contributions

Some activities in school are only possible if parents/carers cover the costs of the activity through voluntary contributions. In such instances parents will receive a request, usually by letter for such contributions. Where contributions are requested the request is for a voluntary contribution and in no way represents a charge. In addition the following also applies:

  • That if insufficient voluntary contributions are raised to fund the activity, then the activity may be cancelled.
  • That if a parent does not make a voluntary contribution their child will still be given an equal opportunity to participate in the activity.

Deposits and ‘Part Payments’

In the event that an activity requests initial deposits or part payments, submitting payment does not guarantee a place on the activity for a child. In some instances payments may have to be returned in accordance if trips are over subscribed. (See below)

Where places are allocated to a child on a trip and payments are banked, refunds will not be given if the trip goes ahead even if a child withdraws from the trip inless a suitable replacement can be found.

In any instance where a refund is available, cancellation may incurr a charge to transfer pupils. Furthermore, if payments have been made to a third party, such as a tour operator or activity provider, costs may be incurred which will be deducted from any refund given.

If a pupil is withdrawn from an activity by the school for any reason then a refund will be given.

Allocating places for over-subscribed Activities

It is often the case that more pupils would like to attend a trip or take part in an activity than there are places available. In such instances the school retains the right to choose the pupils by a range of means such as:

  • A ballott
  • Considering benefit of the activity to individual pupils
  • Conisdering attendance at school
  • Considering effort grades recorded on pupil reports
  • Considering pupil achievement records

The school recognises that some parents/carers may find immediate payment of deposits difficult and “first come, first served” is avoided where at all possible.

Whilst every effort is made to accommodate parents/carers for whom payment for activities could be difficult, we make every effort to consider each case on its merits. If in doubt please contact the trip or activity organiser or a member of the Senior Leadership Team.


Date of Review: July 2017

Charging for School Activities (DfE)