9th January, 2020

Appeals against External Assessment Marks

Application for Review of Marking of GCSE, AS and A Level Examinations

  1. The school will only apply for papers to be reviewed where there are grounds for believing that an injustice may have occurred.  Students and parents should be aware that the chances of grades being changed are very small and that the enquiry could result in marks being reduced rather than increased.
  2. All applications must be approved by the student concerned and by the Head of Department before the exam boards are contacted.  If in the case of an A level student, where a university place is dependent on the result of an appeal, the Examinations Officer (with approval from the Head of Sixth Form) may make direct application to the relevant examination board as soon as the results are available in August, provided the student has signed a consent form and informed the Examination Officer/Head of Sixth Form within 6 days of the results being published.
  3. Where a student is awarded the grade predicted by his or her teacher, no application for review will be made.
  4. Requests for reviewing must be submitted in writing by the student for consideration by the Examinations Officer.  Students/parents should include their reasons in this submission.
  5. If it is felt that there are good reasons for making an appeal, the candidate must come into school and sign a consent form.  This form warns the student that marks may be reduced as a result of an enquiry and has been designed by the exam boards themselves for use in schools.  No application can be made until the consent form has been signed.
  6. The examination boards have deadlines after which they will accept no further applications.  Furthermore, they deal with requests on a first come, first served basis.  It is therefore in the interests of everyone to make requests as early as possible.
  7. It may be two or three months before the exam boards announce the result of their enquiry.  The Examinations Officer will inform the candidate in writing of that result.
  8. There are a number of options for examination enquiries.
  • Photocopied script to decide on making enquiry. Must be within 2 days of exam results.
  • University place dependent enquiry (Review of Marking) must be within 6 days of exam results.
  • University place NOT dependent enquiry available until mid-September.
  • Exam script for reference purposes available until the end of September.
  • The returned script will not be received until after the deadline for making enquiries.

All these enquiries incur different costs, the Examinations Officer will inform you of the cost involved.

Applications will not be made until payment has been made in full.

Examinations Officer: J Pinnington

Next review October 2020