26th November, 2019

Gospel Deliveries

Much like when the Angel Gabriel visited Mary all those years ago, we received a fleeting visit from the NDCYS director Tom Baptist on Tuesday 26th November. He was here to deliver 192 copies of Matthew’s Gospel, one for each of the Year 7 students here at Trinity, The reason for this is that this year is the Year of The Word, and so every Year 7 student in the diocese is receiving a free copy of Matthew’s Gospel.

A group of five Year 7 students were there to greet him and to take the (rather heavy!) boxes from him. The students chosen are all currently taking part in the Faith in Action award in school and so the books will be really useful for them to broaden their knowledge for the award. A huge thanks to the diocese for these lovely books, they’ll be shown and distributed to our Year 7’s at the Advent Retreat Day!