21st March, 2022

Galleries of Justice Trip

Over two days most of Year 8 visited the Galleries of Justice as part of their studies of Crime and Punishment over time. They took part in a trial of the suffragettes in which they took the role of witnesses, the judge, clerks, jurors and solicitors. They also took a tour around the National Justice museum and engaged with their excellent and informative actors, who had taken the roles of jailors and prison staff.

They examined British punishments and justice from the Medieval era, through capital punishment, transportation, prisons and prison reform right up to the modern day. The museum was excellent, and really deepened their understanding of this important topic. Pupils were then taken to see the grave of George Africanus as part of their studies on Black British history of Nottingham, and to see the war memorial to the police and fire service personnel who lost their lives during ww2.

Mr Howell would like to thank the staff (including the office staff) for their hard work in making this trip a possibility and for providing opportunities for our pupils.