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Faith in Practice

Trinity End of Year Liturgy

Trinity celebrated another great year at its whole school liturgy on Friday 17th July.

The theme of the liturgy was The Mosaic of Learning and, as well as scripture readings and hymns, there were presentations from a number of subject departments. We considered how many pieces make up a mosaic but how, even though they are all shapes and sizes, each piece of a mosaic helps to build the design. Each subject plays its part in the mosaic of learning and each of us must play our part in God's design.

Music, drama, readings, video presentations and student participation all played their part in what proved to be a thoughtful and enjoyable liturgy. The students were very well behaved and were wished a happy and restful holiday.

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Thank You

Thank you to all the departments for their presentations and to all the students and staff who helped make the liturgy a success.