27th July, 2021

End of Year Letter

Dear Parents

Congratulations everyone, we have made it to the end of the year.  It has been another challenging year in lots of ways however, the future is looking brighter and this year I am able to write to you with the majority of students having finished the year in school.

Whilst it is easier to reflect on the problems, it is important to remind ourselves of the positives that have arisen from overcoming the challenges, for example how well the students developed their independence through online learning; how the school staff delivered a virtually uninterrupted curriculum through the delivery of live lessons; or how the support staff created an on-site COIVD testing centre from scratch. With all the challenges, we have still continued our commitment to the community we serve through supporting local food banks and other charity work.

End of Year Liturgy
Today we will be holding our end of year liturgy for all staff and students with the theme of resilience. We will look back on the year, give thanks to God for all that we have received and pray together for a better future.

End of Term Activities
Last week we were delighted to be able to offer a BBQ day, a Year 10 careers day and an inter-house sports day. All three of these events were a huge success, demonstrating what a truly wonderful set of students we have here at Trinity and reminded us all how great it is to see our students smiling.

September Return
In September we will return to having the same school day for all of our students; they will be expected to be on site by 8.50 and will be dismissed at 3.25pm. The students will return after the summer on different days, depending upon their year group:

Thursday 2nd September- Year 7 begin their first day at school.

Friday 3rd September- Year 10, 11, 12 and 13 return to school.

Monday 6th September- Year 8 and 9 return to school.

Onsite COVID Testing
For those students that have completed the consent form, onsite testing will take place from 10.30-2.30 on Thursday 2nd September. Students do not need a specific appointment time but are asked to report to Beechdale Reception on arrival between the above times and they will be directed to the test area.

It would not be an end of year letter without reminding everyone about expectations for September so that we start the year on the right foot. A couple of areas that I would like to draw your attention to are around hair and footwear. We do not allow beads of any type in hair or metal clips on braids.  We do not allow significant steps in hair length and differences should be faded in gradually with sides that are no shorter than a grade 2. With regard to footwear, any shoe that may be considered a trainer is not allowed. Please follow THIS link for another copy of our uniform policy for next year and uniform continues to be available from our recommended supplier- Schoolwear Solutions.

School Holiday dates 2021/22
Please find attached our school holiday dates for next academic year. Please pay particular attention to the scheduled INSET days which do differ between schools.

Finally thank you once again from all of us here at Trinity for your support over this past year. It is with optimism and a hint of realism that we prepare ourselves for September. Inspired by Pope Francis’ words, it is time to build a better future and begin to dream.

The next year at Trinity will be an exciting one with the launch of a new house system, a new set of student rewards and a focus on reading which will be supported by our new library which is being created over the holiday.

Have a safe and happy summer.

God Bless,

Mr Matt Shenton.