11th May, 2020

Easter 2020 Science Challenges

Over the Easter holidays, Years 7-9 were challenged to make a homemade timer out of everyday items they could find at home. The device must have been capable of measuring times of 11, 32 and 53 seconds as well as a mystery time if asked. Students were asked to video record their timers working along with a short 2-minute explanation.

Thank you for your entries – the science department was inundated! After very careful consideration and much discussion, a pupil in Year 8 was awarded the first place position. Congratulations!

The winner’s timer involved the use of water, pumps, restriction valves and measuring scales. This system measured each gram of water per second to calculate his times! The Science department was blown away by this design which really incorporated all areas of STEM that we were looking for. Well done!

Two further mini-challenges were also given to the students. One was to make a self-sustaining terrarium jar. The terrarium jar created by a pupil in Year 8 was voted the winner for this project. Excellent effort! A special shout out must also be made to a student who put dinosaurs in his terrarium – we loved it!

The second challenge was to decipher a series of coded messages, for which another pupil in Year 8 was voted the winner.

Overall, Year 8 dominated the Easter challenges!

Thank you to all the other students who took the time to make projects over the Easter holidays. We hope you enjoyed it! We certainly enjoyed receiving them.