5th October, 2019

CAFOD Fast Day

On Friday 4th October 2019 it was the CAFOD Harvest Fast Day

This year we heard a story about 14-year-old Fabiano, and how he was attacked and beaten whilst carrying water home from the pump

In school we had a collection in form time where we asked everyone to donate all the spare change that they had, so that we could help CAFOD to help those without access to clean water.

We also held a liturgy at lunchtime that was very well attended. It was led by our Year 8 Chaplaincy students, and was based around the idea of how we can help in our day to day lives.

Afterwards, the students donated the money that they would have spent on their lunch and had a simple meal of bread and butter. In total we raised £200.21 for CAFOD, so thank you to everyone who helped or donated.

Find Out More

CAFOD’s website is at http://cafod.org.uk/ if you would like to know more about the charity’s important work.